What you will need for this lesson:

  1. Plenty of time! The skills in this lesson are the longest that we have created. They are also some of the most powerful skills we have used. 
  2. A notebook for taking notes and recording responses (keep your data!)
  3. A solid WiFi connection and quiet space for practicing the skills.

POWER SKILLS: Relieving, Thriving, and Soothing for the Physical Intensity, Agony, and Impact of PAIN

We are so excited to share this particular skill. Dr. Fancher developed this version of Autogenic Training through the process of trying to find ways of changing warming/cooling in the body and focusing that change to particular parts of the body. Autogenic Training may have been around for a while, but it hasn't been done like this!

Watch this introductory video first.


Training Vagus Nerve, Activate Endogenous Opioids, and Anti-inflammatory - YES,THIS SKILL DOES ALL THREE!
Autogenic Warming of the whole body walks you through an entire body visualization to help you gain greater brain-body connectivity - developing the ability to change your blood vessel dilation, enhance muscle relaxation, train the vagus nerve, and reduce systemic inflammation - Not bad for one skill.

Please note, this is a long one! It is important to set aside the full time to practice this to get the best possible understanding of how it feels. Often an individual learning this skill won't feel the warmth until almost half-way through, so please be patient with yourself. The more you practice the more likely it is you can make these body changes on-demand localizing it where you need it when you want it.

Before you begin take a moment and rate your pain from 0-10. Go ahead and write it down before settling in for this powerful skill!


Autogenic Cooling for migraines walks you through a more focused visualization to help you also gain greater brain-body connectivity of the blood vessel dilation around your head through all the layers of skin, muscle, bone, the dura covering the brain, and throughout the brain. This skill also trains the vagus nerve and enhances muscle relaxation.

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